About Us

Tonari has been helping companies of all sizes and industries profit and expand through better use of technology since 1991. At Tonari, our passion is helping companies realize the potential of their technological resources. Clients hire Tonari and come to trust our company because of our work ethics. At Tonari, we pledge to give all clients the personal attention they deserve. Tonari's staff is a group of highly trained computer science engineers with computer science backgrounds.

Each of Tonari's senior engineers have at least 15 years experience helping businesses use technology more cost-effectively. Our specialities are project management, software development, research, hardware, networking, and cross-platform integration.

What We Do

Software Development

Tonari can help add value to your business through custom built software. We take your ideas and requirements and deliver a solution that fits your business just right. Our unique development process allows us to consider your project from all angles; we’ll take care of the small stuff so that you can keep focusing on the bigger picture.

Network Design & Integration

If you’re not happy with the network layout in your business, you know how much poor design can slow you down. Tonari is all about efficient, well thought out solutions; thats why we take such care during the design process of any network project.

Busines Solutions

Business solutions are what we’re all about! At Tonari, we love taking on a challenge. We can help you find a solution to any of your technical problems, big or small.

Internet Services

Tonari provides one stop shopping for all your internet needs. From setup to management, we'll help you get the best value so you can be up and running in no time.

Web Development & E-Commerce

Need a site for your business? Whether you're simply looking to give your business an online presence, or you're relying on the power of the internet to earn customers, Tonari can help. From marketing to SEO to development and beyond, we'll make sure your site supports your business the way it should.

Security & Cybersecurity

We can help you secure your business and data so that you'll never have to worry about the liability associated with data loss. When it comes to security, we'll never cut corners or skip steps, and we'll educate you all along the way so that you never feel that your business is vulnerable.

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We're located in Diamond Bar, CA and serve customers nationwide.